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DIRECT TV vs DISH TV Comparison

Which is better: DIRECT TV or DISH?

When it’s time to compare Direct TV vs DISH Network there are a few important factors to consider. To get you started, check out our comparison tables in the “COMPARE DIRECT vs DISH” section over to your right. If you’ve already reviewed both services, we’ve ranked the latest specials in the table below.

What’s so great about Satellite TV?
Simply put, compared to cable the cost of satellite is nearly 50% less and you get at least 30% more channels. If you’re a movie or sports buff, there’s flat out no competition. For most, the decision between DIRECTV or DISH TV comes down to the bottom-line price for your must-have features and programming… and that’s where we can help out.

As an industry insider, we’ve helped match folks to providers for over 8 years and with our exclusive partnerships with top retailers, we’re also able to bring you the best deals available, anywhere. We’re constantly updating the site with the top-ranked promos so check back often. Enjoy your new satellite TV!

2015 Review
1 DIRECTV’s Best Offer EVERLearn More » $19.99 130+ Free GENIE DVR SYSTEM & Free HBO, Showtime & Cinemax for 3 months
Save over $750
– Recommended!

Direct TV’s best deal since July, 2005
Best Offer EVER Review
2 Save over $400 on DISHLearn More » $19.99 55+ Valued at well over $650, this is DISH Network’s best deal in over 2.5 years
Save over $400 Review
3 Family ProgrammingLearn More » $29.99 140+ A solid starter package, particularly if you’re not looking for a ton of movie or sports channels. Family Programming Review

Not sure which to choose?
Selecting a new satellite TV provider is sometimes easier said than done. For starters, make sure you consult everyone involved (family, friends living with you, etc). In general, if you have plenty of NFL or NASCAR fans around, you can’t go wrong with DIRECTV. If you’re trying to minimize your costs (and leaving cable), the lowest priced plans can be found with DISH Network. Finally, check out the latest articles at the right of this page, they’ll give you a closer look at each service and help you decide.

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