After years of frustration as a cable customer, I started this blog to jot down my thoughts on satellite TV. My single best piece of advice is to take your time when comparing DIRECTV and DISH – you don’t want to end up with the wrong service and locked into a contract if you’re not completely happy.   It’s always a good idea to take the service for a test drive.  If you know someone who has DIRECTV of DISH, invite yourself over and take control of the remote.  If you’re still welcome after a half hour, give the program guide a spin.  Both services have pretty intuitive menus and channel breakdowns (we prefer DIRECTV’s layout).   That should give you a nice intro.  From there, check out pricing comparisons and the rest of articles to compare both services.

I hope you enjoy the site and if you have any issues, questions or comments, get in touch anytime.

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