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DIRECTV Choice Package Review: Value-packed

185 channels | $59.99/mo

Their second-most popular plan, DIRECTV Choice delivers a ton of value. It’s the first package with a full slate of free premium movies (for 3 months) and when you stack it up against cable, it’s tough to imagine why anyone would pay $20-$40 more per month for an outdated technology (you get a pass if you’re in the unfortunate position of not being able to get satellite due to roof or building obstructions :)). By far, the single biggest value-driver here is the NFL Sunday Ticket – this is the first package that qualifies new customers for the NFL’s premium suite of live games (regularly priced at $350+/yr). Simply sign up for Choice and the entire season is free, with no hidden fees or restrictions. For sports fans, it’s the best offer going in satellite TV, period.


  • Over 185 all-digital, general-interest channels
  • All-Included price of $50/mo (Free HD, DVR and receivers for up to 4 rooms)
  • Free NFL Sunday Ticket
  • Free HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ and Cinemax for 3 full months
  • Free Genie DVR system + 3 Genie minis for additional TVs
  • Over 6,000 On Demand shows and movies included (2k more than DIRECTV Entertainment)
  • Free Local Channels (available to >99% of US)
  • Standard Professional Installation included

Ideal for: those looking for additional flexibility and channel options. If you’re an NFL (or sports) fan, this is the minimum plan you want. Of all the DIRECTV plans, the channels found in this one compare the closest to cable (in number and variety). As a result, this is the one most often recommended to folks leaving cable. The typical cable subscriber will save a minimum of 50% after specials and a permanent 30% thereafter. Here’s the cost breakdown…

Total Cost (no extra fees):
$59.99/mo (promo pricing during 1st year)
$115/mo (regular price, 2nd year and thereafter)

DISH plan it most closely compares to:
America’s Top 200 – though DISH touts more total channels in the 200 plan, a good 50 of those are music-only.

Final Thoughts:
When I first got DIRECTV in 2009, the Choice plan was my go-to option. Back then, I didn’t need over 200 channels or a bunch of premium networks. Nowadays, with a family, we’re subscribed to the Ultimate plan because our females rule the roost and Choice didn’t cut it :). Essentially, it comes down to the overlap in everyone’s tastes. I know plenty of families or smaller households that get along just fine with Choice. It really does offer you the most value per dollar, so give this package every chance you can to win out.

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