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Review of DISH America’s Top 120 Package

190 channels | $59.99/mo

The second DISH package, America’s TOP 120 has been one of their most popular plans for nearly a decade. It’s successful due to a solid mix of highly popular channels, all at an extremely competitive price (compared to Comcast and most other cable carriers, about 40% cheaper). This is the plan we most often recommend to new DISH Network customers – if needed, it’s easy enough to upgrade to a bigger plan, they’ll simply prorate your bill according to the number of days at each plan. Here’s an overview of what you’ll get:


  • Over 190 of the highest-demand channels including: TBS, SPIKE, ESPN, LIFETIME, CNBC and more.
  • Free SHOWTIME and STARZ for 3 months
  • Free HD for Life
  • Complete install of up to six rooms
  • Free Hopper 3 Whole-home DVR
  • Free DISH Movie Pack for 3 months (EPIX, Sony Movie Channel, etc.)
  • Local Channels for Free

Ideal for: folks on a budget who want a larger selection than DISH Flex Pack offers. Unless you watch a lot of TV and/or want access to a lot of specialty sports or programs, this is a very good starter plan.

$59.99/mo (locked in for 2 years)

Final Thoughts:
Since they launched it years ago, DISH has been consistently improving their Hopper system, a whole-home, multi-recording solution. It’s been a pretty big success so far and America’s TOP 120 is the first plan that qualifies you for a free system (as of this writing; make sure you confirm when you order). Note that if you have 2 or fewer rooms/TVs to hook-up, you’ll likely be setup with the Hopper Duo instead of the regular Hopper (it’s essentially the same DVR, just few tuners and less recording space).

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