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Review of DISH America’s Top 250 Package

290 channels | $94.99/mo

The second largest DISH package, America’s Top 250 features a ton of movies and premium networks. You’ll get 15 new movie channels compared to America’s Top 200, plus a host of news, sports, entertainment and reality programming. Considering the next package costs nearly 80% more, this plan delivers big time at a sub-$95 price tag. If you’re switching from cable, that price usually doesn’t get you north of 150 channels, so you’ll probably be able to double your channels for the same (or, lower) price. Here’s what’s included…


  • Over 290 of the highest-rated channels, including the 6 Encore movie pack, Biography, ESPNU, Bloomberg, the Outdoor channel and more.
  • Free HD for Life
  • Free SHOWTIME & STARZ for 3 months
  • Complete 6-room install
  • Free Hopper 3 Whole-home DVR
  • Free DISH Movie Pack for 3 months (EPIX, Universal Movies, etc.)
  • Local Channels for Free

Ideal for: families or individuals who seriously dig their movies. If you’re constantly channel surfing or just can’t seem to find quality flix, this package is probably right up your alley. It has 50 more channels than Top 200 and they’re not those filler channels just to pad stats – they’re all quality and cover a variety of tastes so you’re likely to quickly find your favorites or stumble upon new ones.

$94.99/mo (locked in for 2 full years)

Final Thoughts:
When folks ask me which package gives you the most channels for the price, I immediately bring up America’s Top 250. It’s sort of the not-so-missing link between the really inexpensive plans and the top tier plan. I like love my movies but we have a budget for TV programming, so this is the package at our place. It’s a convenient blend of everyone’s tastes, without compromise. If you’re still on the fence between all of DISH Network’s packages, try this one first — it’ll introduce you to a slew of new channels, letting your refine your programming tastes if/when you decide to switch.

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