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You know that moment – you’re on the phone ordering and you get to the point when you have to choose your Digital Video Recorder. It’s not as simple as it may seem; nowadays, there are quite a few options, each with their own up- and downsides. To boot, once you make your choice, both Direct TV and DISH Network makes it particularly difficult to swap down the line. We’ve put together the following table to help you with your choice – pick carefully!

SD Rec Time
HD Rec Time
# TVs
DIRECT TV Plus HD DVR200 hrs50 hrs2$5.99
DIRECT TV Plus DVR100 hrs0 hrs2$5.99
DISH Player DVR 625100 hrs0 hrs2$5.98
ViP612™ HD DVR200 hrs30 hrs1$5.98
ViP622™ HD DVR200 hrs30 hrs2$5.98
ViP722™ HD DVR350 hrs55 hrs2$5.98

In the end, it’s nice you no longer have to buy the equipment (see 3 years ago), but getting stuck without a top-notch receiver can really sour the whole satellite TV experience. For example, NOT being able to record in HD (especially for sports for movie buffs) can be a major letdown. We recommend you go the HD receiver route to start – there’s very little additional cost and who doesn’t want to see X-Men or the Animal Planet channel in HD? Good luck!

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