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Compare DIRECTV and DISH DVRs (Hopper)

The most used piece of equipment for any satellite TV subscriber is their DVR (Digital Video Recorder). They’ve come a long way over the years and with heavy competition from both DIRECTV and DISH, they’ll only be getting better. For us, a top tier DVR has to deliver on the following: large hard drive, speed, ease-of-use, intelligent on-screen display, remote usage, multi-room capabilities and more.

In this comparison, we’ll examine the features of each of the leading DVRs and let you decide which is most important. For DISH, we’ll be using the newly released Hopper, their first whole-home DVR system. New generation DVRs typically get released every year, so keep that in mind as you evaluate your short and long term needs.

DVR Feature
DISH (Hopper 3)
# Simultaneous recordings
5 (for most setups)
16 (Joeys required)
Commercial Skipping
Manual fast-forwarding only
One-click AutoHop (great little feature)
Takes a couple steps to pause & resume from each room
Less steps than DIRECTV
Between DVRs
Schedule a program from any DVR to any other
Schedule a program from any DVR to any other
Yes, plenty of features
Yes, about the same features
SLING compatibility
Portable, external drives?
Search Capabilities
Ton of features & generally more robust
Good and getting better
Radio Integration
Includes Pandora and Over-the-air
Remote Flexibility
Either IR or RF on same receiver (choose one)
IR and RF works on same receiver
Extremely stable
Stable and Robust
Free with every plan
Free with every plan


DVR features and info last updated: 9/2/19

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